Re-Introducing the Empathy Power Up!

Amy J. Wilson
3 min readOct 24, 2022


For more than a year Kevin Shah and Amy J. Wilson brought you the Empathy Power Up through LinkedIn Live.

It was a place for us to discuss important topics showing up in current events and process life experiences between each other and with other guests.

Earlier this year we set on a journey to turn our work into a podcast. We’re happy to announce that our introduction and first episode is now available wherever you listen to podcasts. We’d be thrilled if you could take a listen this week and subscribe so you can get updates when we post future episodes. Links at the bottom of the post!

The Empathy Power Up is a collaboration between two people who connected during the pandemic through their love of empathy and action. We’re from very different backgrounds helping others find ways to love themselves, understand our experiences better, and help reverse the rise of narcissism and the divides in our communities.

We cover various topics about the human experience to help us power up on tools of empathy and emotional intelligence, in the pursuit of one simple goal: create a world where people seek to understand themselves and each other.

During each episode we will explore questions we have around each topic and invite you to reflect on a question. We intend to create a space where we take steps toward a more loving, understanding, shame free, and resilient future. This is a learning journey amongst fellow humans who are all just figuring out life together.

About Amy J. Wilson

Amy (she/her) is an empath, a highly sensitive person, and empathy is her biggest strength. She is the author of Empathy for Change: How to Create a More Understanding World. She places value in building relationships and connecting with others, and knows first-hand that many of our workplaces, culture, and systems lack compassion. She’s struggled with being an empath in a non-empathetic world.

She’s spent a lifetime driving change across many sectors, from the White House, management consulting, nonprofits, and local government. Transformation is core to who she is — she’s moved from hurting, to healing, to helping our communities understand ourselves and thrive. Her mission is to enable the world to live with a finer spirit of hope and achievement through deeper levels of compassion.

About Kevin Shah

Kevin (he/him) is a tech product leader and entrepreneur. He believes empathy is a real superpower and we can become empathy superheroes as well. Several years ago he was building tech solutions to help drive systemic changes in policing. After the murder of George Floyd he gave up a $15 million dollar contract and started Jaago. Jaago and Kevin are on a mission to help companies achieve their goals of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Jaago is an app that acts as an empathy gym with a corresponding program that helps companies make empathy a daily habit, unlike one and done workshops that studies have shown do not work in driving change. Kevin is a board president of a local non-profit arts organization. He volunteers and mentors other aspiring product managers from lived experiences that don’t have easy access to high paying tech jobs. You can learn more about Jaago at



Amy J. Wilson

Author, Founder, and CEO. Empathy for Change. Movement maker, storyteller, empathy advocate.